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How to Make a Quilt from Tee Shirts 11 Steps with Pictures.
Determine what part of the tee shirt you want in the quilt and trace the perimeter of your template. Cut your square panels from the shirts using a template. A square Plexiglas template can make rotary cutting of these panels a breeze. Note Remember to allow a half inch 1.25 cm of seam allowance all around. Stabilize the tee shirt panels by ironing a non-woven fusible interfacing or lightweight fusible tricot interfacing to the back sides. This prevents the T-shirts from stretching or sagging during construction. Check to be certain that the interfacing has adhered properly.
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pI'm looking for quilt information.perhaps you or someone out there can offer some suggestions. I'm making a t shirt quilt using my daughter's college collection.she specifically wants to use it on the beach as a beach blanket. What type of batting material should be used? I think regular poly batting will be too hot and would not be good on sand so I was thinking about using towel material for the batting. Any comments would be appreciated? pMommajozy is right use what you want. you could have cut and sew a number of towels together to make the back.
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Im so glad to hear it was helpful! posted October 26 2014 at 1134 pm by mdpare in reply to christineegarabedian Reply. THANK GOODNESS I found you! I have been watching so many darn t shirt quilt videos yet your written instructions are better and easier! posted October 29 2014 at 1237 am by Connie Reply. This tutorial looks perfect! My daughter and I will be making a quilt for her to take to college. Its going to be fun working with her on it and your instructions look very complete. posted October 30 2014 at 1200 am by D'Anna Bittner Reply. Okay so I dont sew.I glue!
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Tee Shirt Quilt How To. for making T-shirt quilts. page 2 of 5. Article Parts 1 2 3 4 5. Tee shirts 4 to 36 number depending on size of quilt Interfacing fusible woven type woven cotton fabric for sashing and borders fabric for backing woven cotton flannel or polarfleece and batting if you choose to use it. There are many brands of interfacing. Look for a woven type or a nonwoven that is not stretchy don't use a knit interfacing.
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Preserve these special memories with quilts you can treasure for a lifetime. Wrap yourself up in the memories with a custom t shirt quilt thats unique to your life story. Or our quilts make thoughtful gifts for yourself or someone you love. The T-Shirt Quilt Company You Can Trust. It takes a fair amount of trust to send your favorite tees away to be cut and sewn into a blanket and we totally get that. Weve made over 15000 tshirt quilts but we still handle each and every order with great care because we want to make something that you will love forever.
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Campus Quilt is able to offer the highest quality at the best prices because we are the largest t-shirt quilt company in the country. Quilting Many t-shirt quilts are just tacked at the corners. We completely quilt the entire quilt on a commercial quilting machine. Full quilting looks better provides more stability and makes your quilt last longer. And it's all included in our price. Speed We typically finish your quilt in 2-3 weeks. For that last minute gift we regularly finish a quilt in as little as one day with a small rush charge. Options You can choose the layout of your quilt select the backing color and add extra services like embroidery photo squares or sashing. Of course you don't have to take our word.
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1-800-880-8534 sales@campusquilt.com terms of sale. All trademarks are property of their owners and are not connected with Campus Quilt Co the quilt maker. 5 Reasons to get your T-shirt Quilt from us. 1 Top Quality Our quilters have years of experience making custom t-shirt quilts. 2 Great communication and service make sure your t-shirt quilt is exactly the way you want it. 3 We actually quilt instead of just tacking the corners. Isn't that what you'd expect in a t-shirt quilt? 4 Speed Our t-shirt quilts average 2-4 weeks with rush turn around available in 1 week or less. Plan for a little extra time near Christmas and graduation.
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Because your T-shirts tell your story. And your quilt should be as unique and interesting as you and your T-shirts. What will make your quilt just Too Cool? None of the designs on your T-shirts will be cropped off in order to fit into a preset block size. The blocks will be cut to fit the designs on your T-shirts. There is not a limit on what you can put in your quilt. You can use any number of T-shirts as well as many other types of materials and clothing.

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